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Data of a loaded file and additional metadata, associated with one or more views. The distinction between buffer and view is technical. Most of the time, both terms can be used interchangeably.
Graphical display of a buffer. Multiple views can show the same buffer.
A feature implemented in Python, which can consist of a single command or multiple commands. It can be contained in one or many .py files.
An input/output widget, such as a search panel or output panel.
An input widget of a special kind. For example, Goto Anything is an overlay.
A group of resource files providing extended functionality, consisting of e.g. snippets, syntax definitions, or plugins. Can be a folder in the Packages folder or an archived .sublime-package file.
user package
A package installed or managed by the user.
shipped package
A package that is provided by Sublime Text on every installation.
core package
A shipped package that provides core functionality for Sublime Text.
installed package
A user package inside the Installed Packages folder in the .sublime-package archive format.
override package
A special package that can override individual resource files of an installed package or shipped package.
file type
In the context of Sublime Text, a file type refers to the type of file as determined by the applicable .sublime-syntax syntax definition. However, this is an ambiguous term and in some instances it could also be used with the broader meaning it has in technical texts.
An installable package that provides syntax highlighting, snippets, completions, and more for Sublime Text's resource files.
Package Control
The de-facto package manager for Sublime Text.
A command is an action to be executed and can be referenced in many resource files. It may accept JSON-serializable arguments and can be defined in user plugins.
Data directory
Core concept and storage for all of Sublime Text's resources. Refer to the introduction for details.
Internal Sublime Text console for debug messages and plugin output. Open via *View → Show Console*.