Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows/Linux


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# Editing

Keypress Command
Ctrl X Cut line
Ctrl  Insert line after
Ctrl   Insert line before
Ctrl   Move line/selection up
Ctrl   Move line/selection down
Ctrl L Select line - Repeat to select next lines
Ctrl D Select word - Repeat select others occurrences
Ctrl M Jump to closing parentheses Repeat to jump to opening parentheses
Ctrl  M Select all contents of the current parentheses
Ctrl  K Delete Line
Ctrl K, Ctrl K Delete from cursor to end of line
Ctrl K, Ctrl  Delete from cursor to start of line
Ctrl ] Indent current line(s)
Ctrl [ Un-indent current line(s)
Ctrl  D Duplicate line(s)
Ctrl J Join line below to the end of the current line
Ctrl / Comment/un-comment current line
Ctrl  / Block comment current selection
Ctrl Y Redo, or repeat last keyboard shortcut command
Ctrl  V Paste and indent correctly
Ctrl  Select next auto-complete suggestion
Ctrl U soft undo; jumps to your last change before undoing change when repeated
Alt  W Wrap Selection in html tag
Alt . Close current html tag

# Windows

Keypress Command
Ctrl Alt  Column selection up
Ctrl Alt  Column selection down

# Linux

Keypress Command
Alt   Column selection up
Alt   Column selection down
Keypress Command
Ctrl P Quick-open files by name
Ctrl R Goto symbol
Ctrl ; Goto word in current file
Ctrl G Goto line in current file

# General

Keypress Command
Ctrl  P Command prompt
Ctrl K, Ctrl B Toggle side bar
Ctrl Alt  P Show scope in status bar

# Find/Replace

Keypress Command
Ctrl F Find
Ctrl H Replace
Ctrl  F Find in files

# Tabs

Keypress Command
Ctrl  T Open last closed tab
Ctrl Page Up Cycle up through tabs
Ctrl Page Up Cycle down through tabs
Ctrl  Switch to a previous tab, hold and repeat to cycle through previous tabs
Ctrl   Switch in reverse order to a previous tab, hold Ctrl  and repeat to cycle through previous tabs in reverse
Ctrl W Close current tab
Alt [1-9] Switch to tab number

# Split window

Keypress Command
Alt  1 Revert view to single column
Alt  2 Split view into two columns
Alt  3 Split view into three columns
Alt  4 Split view into four columns
Alt  5 Set view to grid (4 groups)
Alt  8 Split view into two rows
Ctrl [1-4] Jump to group
Ctrl  [1-4] Move file to specified group

# Bookmarks

Keypress Command
Ctrl F2 Toggle bookmark
F2 Next bookmark
 F2 Previous bookmark
Ctrl  F2 Clear bookmarks

# Text manipulation

Keypress Command
Ctrl K, Ctrl U Transform to upper case
Ctrl K, Ctrl L Transform to lower case